Mobile OS That Moves the Boundaries

The enhanced and fresh functioning systems for mobile devices appear to come out from Google android into apple IOS utilized on I phone and I pad. This truth not so moves us because they supply a few upgrades, but not an innovation as it appears. We are willing to find out exactly what android 3.0 will deliver, but by the statement, we can anticipate just a few new items, nothing grand.

However, involving apple and Google and contester has emerged with guarantees of a new universe, a brand new OS that can bind all. A guarantee of OS, which installed and will be implemented into tablet computers, computers, TV’s and your telephones, the contest is Intel as well as also the OS is me ego.

My ego is merging two operating systems that are smart, Intel’s NOKIA’s memo and mobile. We can expect the devices running to look next year, since Intel declared. Here really is an OS, which can run and control the future of dui we have been waiting from your tablet computer to your TV apparatus along with the mobile phone and who knows what else.

However, although this has a guarantee of success and seems great, the OS’s achievement will be contingent on this OS’s prevalence or program accessibility. The difficulty still has a few problems, a number of programs to operate and had apple-using iPod; even face book will not make a program that is iPod and is negating apple.

Although me ego has a performance more than android and OS, the success will be dependent on the capacity of the Intel programs into the marketplace.

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