Do’s and Don’ts of being a Singaporean Model


Whether you’re part of the freelance models or the modelling agency Singapore, there’s always unspoken rules of being a model that you’ll have to follow. While these rules are usually targeted towards female models, male models are no exception and they also are bound by the basic rules of modelling as well. Other than the rules bounded to the model from a Singapore modelling agency, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to follow in the modelling industry.



  • Always be on time for appointments

Even if it is 5 to 10 minutes early for an appointment, your punctuality will be easily noticed by the agency or client, regardless if you’re part of the freelance models in Singapore, punctuality is always a trait looked highly upon on.


  • Always act in a professional manner

Such as writing an email, sending a message, or requesting your agency to fill out a form for you.


  • Be nice to your clients and co-workers

Putting on a smile whenever you see your co-workers or client will certainly lighten up the mood for a photoshoot and especially important whenever you want to make great first impressions, a smile always does the trick.



  • Get involved with anything you’ll regret later on

It’s bad behavior for freelance models Singapore to get too rushed into joining projects that may risk their future in modelling. Even if you wish to be part of the beautiful Singapore models, make sure you know what you’re getting into before being confident it won’t ruin your career.


  • Dwell too deep on Rejection

Even the prettiest female models in Singapore faces rejection, yet everyone will still get the opportunity to join the Singapore Models for events. Rejection is temporarily, but learning what you did wrong will help you improve.


  • Feel obliged to do something extra for the photographer

It doesn’t matter if the client is a close friend of yours or if he tells you the agency requires you to do, if you’re not comfortable with the photographer telling you to do something provocatively extra that was not stated in the contract, don’t do it.